• Ina van Zyl
  • unspoken, unheard
  • Exposition inscrite dans la Saison du Dessin initié par PAREIDOLIE


    et en collaboration avec la Galerie Bernard Jordan.

    Lire sur l’artiste ici.

    Read about the artist here.

    “The things I paint are related visually, through their imagery, but they also share associations. They represent something that implies life, or the promise of life.

    The living and lifeless things that I paint are placed outside of any context; they are shown in isolation and in an objective way, that is to say as objects. The shapes are heavy, clear and recognisable, sometimes geometric. The entire surface of the canvas is saturated, full of paint. Any sense of action is absent, and yet every painting, to me, is an implosion of turbulence – desires and memories, sorrow and drunkenness. Each painted object retreats into itself; each thing has just enough legroom to exist. Only the essentials remain.”

    Ina van Zyl


    Toujours en exposition :

    Charlie Hamish Jeffery

    Things begin to say the same things, 2018

    Fil à linge, installation dans le jardin de a galerie

    En collaboration avec la Galerie Florence Loewy

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